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Featured Diamond - Fancy Light Greenish Blue Cushion Brilliant

This Fancy Light Greenish Blue diamond is a fancy color diamond collector's dream come true. The color is astounding, best described as a strong "Sky Blue" together with the size (over 3 carats), this natural Fancy Light Greenish Blue Cushion cut diamond is truly remarkable.


This incredible specimen shows a level of color saturation that one would normally expect from diamonds in the "Fancy" grade category at the very least.


Ari Gold
Founder and Managing Director, IceStore


Contact us for more information on this extraordinary Fancy Light Greenish Blue Cushion diamond.

Beyond Rare!

Jewelry Spotlight - Diamond Necklaces

Exceptional ideal cut collection quality diamonds framed in hand crafted gold jewelry are the hallmark of our diamond necklace collection. From simple to stunning a diamond necklace adds a new dimension to any outfit and every occasion.

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I have shopped with IceStore since 2002 and have been back 4 times since then. My experience with IceStore has always been enjoyable and stress free. The Finished Work Gallery was very helpful in determining my ring design and the quality of the work and customer service are exceptional. I highly recommend IceStore to those who are seriously looking for the perfect diamond ring.

Kim P. Dallas, TX


Here I am thanking you again... The ring is exceptionally beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. You have created the first truly enjoyable diamond purchase experience for me after several attempts with Tiffany and other big name retailers. Imagine that, even accounting for the internet between us and no lens viewing or certification sparring or brand name marketing to rely upon.

Your attention to me and my questions and my interest in diamonds was very helpful and supported my decision to purchase through you after endless hours researching you and your credentials.

With great respect for your dedication, your energy and commitment to an excellent purchase for those who believe diamonds are romance and remembrance, magic and mystery, art and when exceptional, heirlooms... I thank you again!

Caren M.

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Simply Inspirational - Diamond Engagement Ring Gallery

View hundreds of IceStore diamond engagement rings featuring Ideal cut GIA certified diamonds set in custom Platinum and Gold Mountings.

These specific diamonds have allready found loving homes with our clients but take inspiration from the designs and remember, we can reproduce any ring that you see using the center stone of your choice to meet any budget.

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Fancy Color Diamond Rings Gallery

A gallery of rings best described by the phrase, Beyond Rare. Natural fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, orange diamonds, green diamonds and chameleon diamonds artfully framed by custom masterpieces crafted in Platinum and Gold. The diamonds that appear in this gallery have all been sold to clientiele but remember that we can reproduce any ring style you fancy with the center stone of your choice t almost any budget.

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