Asscher Diamond

ASSCHER Diamonds

Browse our selection of Ideal Cut GIA Certified Asscher cut diamonds and find the perfect Emerald diamond for you.

The Asscher cut is a unique take on a step cut faceted, square shaped diamond.


Similar to the Emerald cut, the Asscher cut's step cut facets with delicately clipped corners create a mesmerizing repeating pattern of square brilliance that command attention while light dispersion from the Crown creates a delicate display of colorful fireworks that capture the eye.


Presenting 5 GIA certified natural loose Asscher diamonds for your consideration.


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Note: To view diamonds 10 carats or larger you must select 10.00 as the Lower Carat Weight and 20.00 as the Higher Carat weight.

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1.01 Carat Asscher
E | VS2 | GIA
Excellent Cut | L/W 1.02 | Detail



1.02 Carat Asscher
H | VS2 | GIA
Excellent Cut | L/W 1.01 | Detail



1.2 Carat Asscher
E | SI1 | GIA
Excellent Cut | L/W 1.02 | Detail



1.32 Carat Asscher
F | SI2 | GIA
Excellent Cut | L/W 1.04 | Detail



10.03 Carat Asscher
I | VS1 | GIA
Excellent Cut | L/W 1.03 | Detail