Yellow Diamonds

Understanding Color grading in Yellow Diamonds


Like all fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are graded on a 9 color intensity/tonality scale. However, there are only 4 grades within this scale that are considered desirable colors for yellow diamond jewelry. The color grade can be thought of on a linear scale where you have low color saturation on the left side and as you move toward the right side the saturation increases and the diamond appears more yellow.


Fancy Yellow Canary Diamond Colors

Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Fancy Yellow Diamond

Fancy Light Yellow

Fancy Yellow

Intense Yellow Diamond Vivid Yellow Diamond

Intense Yellow Diamond

Vivid Yellow Diamond



Fancy Light Yellow > Fancy Yellow > Fancy Intense Yellow > Fancy Vivid Yellow

The remaining 'less desirable' grades for yellow diamonds are:

Faint - Very Light - Light - Deep - Dark



Yellow Diamond Color Grading


Since there is no single color in the spectrum that perfectly represents a Fancy Yellow you can see how there is some overlap between the grades. For example, the very best Fancy Yellow diamond is virtually indistinguishable from the lowest example of an Intense Yellow, the same way the lowest Fancy Yellow would be identical to the best Fancy Light Yellow. This is where experience and expertise come into play. Getting the basics from the GIA report is just the first step in the process of evaluating a yellow diamond.


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